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Five People Who Need “Telling Off”

12 Nov


1. You don’t really think I believe you, do you? I just let you think you’re original, but you’re about as original as a grain of sand. You’ve stolen everyone’s ideas – and, clever girl, you’ve somehow managed to sell the idea to others. What is one thing you have done that was the very fabric of your own mind? What? Name one thing. ….I’m waiting.  Right. I didn’t think so. You’re a leech. You’ve always been a leech sucking out others ideas. Don’t think I don’t see, because I do. You’re probably waiting for me to ask you….but I have never asked you to represent me in your make-believe artistry and I never will –  ever.

2. You’re so ‘phony-baloney’ and so transparent. You have pathetically (and countless times) made feigned attempts to propose we get together on a friendly basis. I remember when you asked me out for a date. I was so shocked by this because you had only broken up with your ex two weeks before. I am not a rebound, babe. Sorry. Doesn’t really say much for your character does it? You gave lots of thought to that one, huh? Really mourned the loss of your two-year relationship. Do you really think I would trust these behaviors? No way, man. And so you get on my Facebook page with your polite gestures telling me how positive your life is going (while you talk about me behind my back) and then give me a ‘parting shot’ before you leave. Do you really think I give a fucking shit about your part and parcel life? No. I don’t.

3. I did not like that you came to my little rental apartment to insult me. I did not appreciate your telling me I was overweight – when, you are 3x more overweight than me. You spent one night with me and you a) didn’t bring a dime with you; b) verbally mistreated me the entire time you were here; c) complained and complained about everything. I spent close to $300 on you – even paid your transportation on NJ Transit. Ugh, you were such a drag. I couldn’t wait for you to leave. Honestly, you’re not welcome in my world again. I do not miss you. I do not salivate or long for your long, drawn-out political views and your provincial viewpoints on public policy and homosexuality. You are quasi-intellectual and quasi-religious – two qualities that irk me to no end. Honestly speaking, I have no more room in my life for you.

4. You send me a letter with 4 deposit slips, my house key and a check for $50.00. This is, of course, how you end a friendship. In the first place, you never, ever should have cashed a check for fifty dollars for doing nothing. I asked you six times, “Please paint the closet. It won’t take long. It will take about an hour.” And copious times you said you would. I asked you, “Please collect the rent?” You said you would. You did not. Then you’re nowhere to be found: you don’t return calls, you don’t respond to inquiries. This is a friendship? What is this friendship based on? Friendships begin with mutual respect, trust, kindness, discretion.  You have completely lost my respect and the opportunity to witness a generous heart. My generosity is rare. But it’s too good for you.

5. You dated me close to six weeks. In this time you did not spend a dime. I took care of everything (Oh, wait, I think you bought the popcorn at the movies.) I went out of my way to see you, call you, and then when I began the talk of sex or kissing or lovemaking, you put your feet in the sand and drew a line: there was no compromise with you. You’re terribly set in your ways; a cranky old bitch – I saw that, but I was willing to overlook it. It didn’t work out. But then you show me a lack of respect by breaking off with me through an email. I called you after the email because I wanted to hear you tell me what it was – you never called me. You never called me back. You didn’t have the guts to speak with me. For all the kindness I showed you and the respect I gave you and the generosity I so handedly shared, you didn’t even have the courtesy to speak with me.


As I near the closing of 2011, I remember these real events. I point them out because I have little tolerance for others – particularly at this stage in my life – who treat me with less than the respect I deserve. I don’t turn the other cheek. I see a lot of bullshit, and these behaviors I’ve described here – where they think they fool me, where they think they can take advantage of my precious time and life – trust me, I’ve got it, trust me, I see it all, and I’m here to let you know it’s not okay to get away with bullshit. This hardscrabble bitch has your number.

copyright – another ORIGINAL by Terry Rachel, 2011